Solid Oak Double and King Size Beds from Furniture Therapy

Furniture Therapy stock high quality Oak beds at an amazing price which can be delivered to your home within two weeks of ordering, or they can be collected the following day.  Constructed from solid oak and finished in a durable natural lacquer; these beds are made to last a life time.  Please click on the images below to see the full range of furniture consisting of Oak Beds, Oak Bedside tables, Oak Chests of Drawers, Oak Wardrobes and many more matching pieces of Oak furniture.
A little History on the Oak Bed Frame

The solid wood Bed frame has been around for many years dating back to the pre 15th-16th century.  “Beds” date back many years to 77,000 BC and where generally made of little more than a heap of straw on the floor.  The solid oak bed frame, and all other oak bedroom furniture, became very popular in England around the 17th century when the country’s wealth was swelling due to exports of cotton.  During that time ones home became a sign of status among the classes.  Oak furniture was very popular back then as it is now for not only it’s strength and durability but plentiful resource.  Quality oak furniture was in high demand for every room in the house through bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

A career as a craftsman became a very healthy prospect with many sons following on from their carpenter fathers.  Competition did become fierce and craftsman were very protective of their designs and techniques.  This ended up forming regional styles of decoration.  Solid wood furniture is still very popular today and Furniture Therapy stock plenty of solid oak Furniture at our barn in Guildford, Surrey.  We have a showroom here so you can view the furniture before you buy, or if you want to order from the comfort of your own home then you can on our safe and secure website.

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